2018 YEP Business Plan Competition

Congratulations to our winners!

Final Results

High School Division

  • TIE for 1st Place:

    • Connor McCall and AJ Ristow, Napa High Custom Truck Accessories, Napa High School (Instructor Ron Solomon)
    • Tomas Alas, Magic Man Entertainment, Vintage High School
  • 3rd place – Vintage Auto Team, After Burner, Vintage High School (Instructor Tom Dougherty)
  • 4th Place – American Canyon High School team, AC Construction (Instructor Chuck Peckinpaugh)
  • Runners Up:
    • Cate Morse, Red Kitchen Snack Shack, St. Helena High School
    • Azmat Hashmi, The Henna Composition, Casa Grande High School

College Division

  • 1st Place – Cinthya Cisneros, La Cheve, Napa Valley College
  • 2nd Place – Samantha Wachowski and Richie Vedar, Lifestyle Fitness, Napa Valley College
  • 3rd Place – Mervyn Mizona, Edgar Esparza, Jonathan Mizona, and Angeline Khoo, Crav3 Meals, Napa Valley College
  • Runners Up:
    • Maricela Flores and Dania Navarrete, R1 Vineyards, Napa Valley College
    • Megan Perez, Nature’s Beauty, Napa Valley College

1st Place High School Competition

Thomas Alas (Magic Man Entertainment) tied for first place with the Napa High Custom Truck Accessories business plan.

1st Place High School Competition

Conner McCall and AJ Ristow tied for first place with the Magic Man business plan.

1st Place College Competition

Cinthya Cisneros, College level champions for La Cheve.

2nd Place, College Competition

Samantha Wachowski and Richie Vedar took second for their plan for Lifestyle Fitness.

Cate Morse presenting her business plan for the Red Kitchen Snack Shack

Vintage Auto Body presenting their After Burner business plan

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The NVC YEP program continues to impress and inspire all involved. YEP not only supports local economics but backs innovative “Can Do” career paths. These young adults have options, whether its trade, small business principal or 4 year college. This generation is non-conventional and has new models to add economic value, there are no limits.

Jake Fazio

VP West Coast Sales, Petaluma Poultry

I spoke with an incredible young entrepreneur today, she was full of energy, intelligence and excitement, and it was clear that she and hundreds like her will be successful if they continue to follow their dreams.

Dr Ron Kraft

President, Napa Valley College