About the Youth Entrepreneurship Program (YEP) at NVC


YEP is an educational program at Napa Valley College that provides youth ages 14 to 27 with an awareness of and exposure to entrepreneurship and small business. We introduce them to entrepreneurship and catalyze their interests so they can consider self-employment a possible career choice. Many young people go on from their high school and college studies and training to later open businesses. YEP prepares these young people to be successful when they do!

At-a-Glance: What We Do

Classroom Support

Our team provides resources and in-classroom advising and for high school and students.
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Providing intensive training to students for one week in the summer.
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A regional competition for high school & college students, with 10 winners!
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If you’re interested in sponsoring these amazing events and opportunities for youth in the community, please contact Charlie Monahan at 707-256-7254.


We rely and thank those who support YEP activities: Competitions and one-on-one advising are supported by local businesses and sponsoring organizations, including the Napa Valley College Foundation, the Business and Entrepreneurship Center (BEC) at Napa Valley College, the Napa County Regional Occupational Program, California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office (CCCO), and the Economic Workforce Development Program (EWD).

YEP @NVC relies on our partners and the generosity of North Bay businesses to stimulate entrepreneurial young minds! When you sponsor YEP, you support our entrepreneurial future!