In-Classroom Support for High School and College

YEP provides support to teach entrepreneurship in high school and college classes in Napa, Sonoma, and Marin counties. We increase awareness and interest in entrepreneurship and small business. We work hand-in-hand with teachers and professors to provide entrepreneurial resources and education.

How it Works

We help students to create a business plan or similar project:

  • We supply entrepreneurial training: We come and present to the class to introduce the project. This can be tailored to simply support an existing program or we can provide the full curriculum.
  • We supply materials: Students receive hard copies of the business plan workbook, a 50-page workbook that has become highly regarded throughout the region, as well as online resources.
  • One-on-one help available: As the project progresses, our small business advisors are available to come and mentor students throughout the term of the project, working one-on-one to help them.

We have a suggested six-to-eight session program (typically meant to span six to eight weeks) to teach entrepreneurship and can help with in-class teaching, with student lessons that can be tailored to specific classroom and student needs. Our services are available any time throughout the school year.

We hold a Business Plan Competition annually. Typically, we provide in-classroom support in the weeks leading up to these events. In the summer, we have a Business Boot Camp, which is the perfect option for serious-minded students to work on entrepreneurial interests.

Did You Know?

  • YEP in-classroom support is provided at no cost to the schools or students.
  • We can come to your classroom, thanks to a grant from the California Community College system — with no cost to schools or the students.
  • A lot of young people go on from high school and college to open businesses. The YEP program prepares these young people to be successful.
  • Many Career Technical Education classes are now infusing entrepreneurship into their classes. Many have a class assignment to create a business plan or a similar project. We are a resource that classroom instructors can use to make this happen. We provide direct outreach into classrooms, both high school and college, and implement a custom plan created with each instructor.

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Attn HS & College Teachers!

If you teach a class in Napa, Sonoma, or Marin counties and are looking for entrepreneurship teaching support, contact Charlie Monahan at 707-256-7254