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Annually, YEP provides exciting and meaningful learning opportunities to over 300 entrepreneur-minded students, ages 14 to 27 in Napa and Sonoma Counties!

Through YEP, these youth actively engage in challenging, yet fun, business-focused training events and programs that are substantive and memorable, including:

  • In-class education and mentoring: YEP provides Small Business Advisors, business professors, and local high school instructors to work with students on startup principles.
  • Annual Business Plan Competition: YEP’s annual competition provides fertile learning ground for high school and college age students to create plans and enter them into a competition, where their plans are evaluated by a number of Small Business Advisors. It’s a great experience for youth to explore entrepreneurship! The top 10 (5 high school and 5 college) are winners who then go on to vie for the top prizes. $1,500 for the top College Division Finalist and $1,000 for the top High School Division Finalist, with $5,000 in prize money in all.
  • Summer Business Boot Camps: YEP offers summer Boot Camps like nowhere else. These camps feature exciting, hands-on instruction designed to inspire each Boot Camper to establish a clear focus and direction for a new career. Boot Camps are filled with fun, relationship-building moments, and are challenging in a way only Boot Camps can be.

Your support provides small business education to students!

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